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Social Activities For The Elderly

Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to experiencing loneliness and social isolation due to loss of confidence, mobility, income or close friends and family. Staying active and engaged within your local community through social activities can be extremely beneficial for your [...]

5 Domiciliary Care Myths Busted

When considering home care (domiciliary care) for your loved ones – such as if they are suffering from dementia, a long-term illness or disability, we understand that it can be an extremely difficult time. Whether your loved one needs daily [...]

Elderly care: A Short Guide to Preparing For Winter

As we get older, our bodies start to respond differently and we become more vulnerable. The colder weather can become more of a worry in relation to elderly care - from keeping warm, getting ill, keeping on top of home [...]

Benefits Of Receiving Permanent Care At Home

Receiving permanent care at home is a welcome alternative to care homes for many people. This is because it allows you to continue living independently and also maintain your home comforts. Most importantly, it means you won’t lose the things [...]

Recruitment by the Sea-Side

Following the launch of our Lytham Wellbeing project, we have held our first Wellbeing Worker recruitment day today at St Anne's Parish Church. The workshop consisted of both individual and team-based tasks, in order for people to demonstrate their unique [...]

The Launch of Lytham Wellbeing

Lytham, which has recently been voted one of the happiest places to live in the UK, is the ideal starting point for our Wellbeing Care project to be rolled out. It is the first location within the UK to receive [...]