About Us

A family-owned business established in 2010, we have carefully grown to ensure we keep all standards at the highest level possible with no compromise. We have a pedigree in healthcare, we listen to our customers and we understand the importance of personalised care where people are at the centre of everything we do. This is Caring Hands.

From our network of offices across the North West, we provide the same high levels of service no matter where you are. Our carers are all local to the areas they work in, and treat each customer as an individual. We get to know our customers – what they like, their frustrations, what they worry about day-to-day, even down to how they take their tea.

We want to be as compassionate as we can at all times, becoming a companion that can be relied on, a friend dropping in. We build relationships with care and our customers are more than that. They are also part of the Caring Hands family.

Listening to you or your loved ones needs remains our number one priority at all times. We strive to provide home-based care for as long as you or your family member needs it. Accredited and audited by the Care Quality Commission, the Caring Hands team gives you peace of mind when making your care decisions.