Lytham, which has recently been voted one of the happiest places to live in the UK, is the ideal starting point for our Wellbeing Care project to be rolled out. It is the first location within the UK to receive Wellbeing Care, with other areas already signed up to follow.

Whilst the current care system within the UK focuses on assessing patients and assisting them with basic day-to-day tasks, our Wellbeing approach to care places an emphasis on mental stimulation and social integration. Our teams engage individuals in social activities, provide them with companionship and company at home, and assist them to do the things which they enjoy. We focus on fulfilling individuals’ social desires which their lives have previously lacked; rather than simply focusing on tasks which they could complete unaided.

We are initially recruiting a team of 10 to help us revolutionise care, based within Lytham. Our team of Wellbeing Workers will use their head, heart and hands to provide care which truly makes a difference. Instead of exclusively looking for experience or qualifications when recruiting our Wellbeing Workers, we want people who have excellent communication skills, are up for a challenge, willing to take responsibility and are real team players.

We understand there are no off-the-shelf options for care, so our Wellbeing Workers work directly with individuals to create personalised care plans, and are matched based on shared likes, dislikes and personalities. At Caring Hands, we believe that nobody should ever feel like ‘just another person’.